Helen Shaw-Brown

MHealSc (Nursing)

PG Dip Tertiary Teaching

PG Dip Professional Nursing Practice, BN, RN

 Fern frond symbolising new beginnings, hope for future generations, humility and sincerity.

Providing support, educating and enhancing quality through group supervision.
 A maze depicting different routes or options to be explored before finding the most achievable pathway forward.
The provision of support to assist a person to move forward and reach their potential.
Creating a Super-Vision of where we can take our practice and how 
Building bridges and connections with people.

Supported staff stay in current employment

Investing in professional supervision (Individual or group), mentoring or coaching for your staff ensures that they grow, develop and truly connect with the vision of your organisation. Empowering your staff with the skills they need to lead makes them more effective and satisfied in their workplace roles and results in high quality service to clients.

Introducing Helen

From my research and 40 year career in nursing and health education I discovered that there was an unmet need for confidential, supportive and educative systems that assist professionals to reach their potential whilst maintaining job satisfaction in their roles.

I provide professional supervision (group & individual), coaching, mentoring and education to professionals working in the people related professions. The sessions I offer are either face to face, internet based (skype or zoom) or via phone depending on your geographical location and requirements.

What can Helen assist you with in your workplace role?

 I will support you as an individual or group to:

  • develop and grow your personal and professional strengths
  • develop and enhance skills to manage the complexity and challenges of your roles
  • be responsive to the policies, guidelines and laws that govern your practice