Helen Shaw-Brown

MHealSc (Nursing)

PG Dip Tertiary Teaching

PG Dip Professional Nursing Practice, BN, RN


Professional mentoring offers the opportunity to work with a more experienced person, offering guidance and wise counsel to enable career development over a period of time (short-term to long-term).

Professional Mentoring is:

      • An informal professional relationship
      • A more experienced person provides guidance to a less experienced person
      • Focused on career development
      • Short or long term

Professional mentoring offers the opportunity to bring situations or tasks that may be challenging and require planning and strategies to meet desired outcomes.

Mentoring (like professional supervision) can also offer guidance on career development e.g. assisting in the process of academic study.

The point of difference with mentoring is that one is working with an experienced person within the same field for a variable length of time. The timeframe is dependent on client requirements.